Getting Them Greens In


I recently wrote a post on what a struggle meal time is with my daughter, Maximara. What’s funny is she will eat while we are out, pretty much anything we give her. But when we are home she knows she has the pantry and refrigerator to raid and pretty much refuses to eat anything I want to give her, you know the nutritional stuff. We have been on a diet of cheese, bananas, homemade muffins (I’ll take!) and pouches as of late. This week I told myself I’m going to do better to try and get her to actually eat meals and not have it be an all day snack-a-thon. I put together a list of “meals” I’d prepare:

  • Pizza – her favorite! I hid green veggies in the homemade pizza sauce and used small(er) whole wheat pitas as the crust.
  • Butternut Squash Mac + Cheese with black bean noodles – have you guys seen these noodles? They are amazing. Literally the only ingredient listed is adzuki beans and they taste like NOODLES!
  • Homemade GF vegan muffins with carrots, apples and spinach.
  • GF vegan Blueberry Lemon protein pancakes with hemp seeds.

Day one I made the pancakes for breakfast and they were a hit. This was absolutely no surprise though. This girl is going to turn in to a pancake she eats so many of them. For dinner I whipped up the butternut squash mac + cheese and she ate two noodles -TWO! I was thrilled. Seriously. LOL. And then she told me she was “all done.” Today she ate only the bottoms of the muffins – aren’t the tops usually where it’s at? Regardless at least she ate some. And then wouldn’t come close to the pizza. My husband will be excited about this though, leftovers.

We were doing the obvious, smoothies, to get those greens in for awhile but lately she tells me they are all gross, haha! Girl’s got an opinion that’s for f’n sure.

Just like all things with babies/toddlers I know this too will pass and it is just a phase so I take it a day at a time and don’t get overly worked up about it. *Side note* I was talking to a GF yesterday who literally just found out she was preggo like that AM. As we were talking Maximara was whining to get in the fridge so I lifted her up and let her pick out whatever she wanted – the $8 thing of organic cultured cottage cheese is what she wanted, of course. I sit her down at the counter with a spoon and the container and keep chatting with my GF. I turn around a couple minutes later and she has decided cottage cheese is not a spoon food, it’s a hand food. Of the entire container I think 3 crumbles actually made it in to her mouth. The rest…on her and the floor. All I could do was laugh. Sure I had a ridiculous mess I needed to clean up ahead of me but having a sense of humor is what keeps us moms sane. And I took the mess as a teaching moment for my newly preggo friend. Instead of scaring her with a “just wait” which so many moms do, I told her to always laugh. Laugh when the spill, laugh when they write on the couch, laugh when you wake up to a crib full of literal shit.

Ok, back on track! What do you mamas do to get your kids to get in them greens? Do you struggle with meal times or did I just make a monster out of my toddler. <—- This, I know I did. LOL. You don’t need to tell me. Girl loves the fridge, so so so much. I hope her future husband looks at her the way she looks at an open fridge. I don’t lie.

Bad Moms

  1. This movie. I read a lot of bad reviews on it but I thought it was fucking hysterical. Like laugh out loud funny – am I the only one?!
  2. In the moments when I wasn’t laughing my ass off at the movie it had me thinking….I feel like we all have a little ‘bad mom’ in us. Regardless of what Facebook and Instagram is showing you there is no way in hell someone out there has it all together. It’s. Not. Possible. I recently posted a picture of Maximara’s closet (now complete with a pink kitchen set inside, die!) and I was talking about how I still, almost 2 years in, hide all of her toys so when she goes down for bed there isn’t a toy in sight. Someone could come over here at night and they would have no idea we have a kid. I’m sure there was some major eye roll going on from fellow moms but the truth is this doesn’t make me a better mom than anyone else it just shows where my priorities are. My house is and always has been super put together, almost OCD-like. But because my house is spotless 95% of the time doesn’t mean i’m some superhero kind of mom, I just like my shit in order. And in exchange for a house being in order I’m giving up something else and I’m totally cool with it. I think I have talked about this before, parenting is all about survival. We do what works for us to survive this journey. Some of us may prepare Instagram-worthy meals every day while others are popping food in the microwave and that’s ok. I think we should all focus less on being a perfect mom and focus more on being a happy mom. For me being a happy mom means letting go of what society tells me I should be doing and focusing more on what really works for us like skipping baths everyday and having the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner….this also kind of makes me a bad mom and I’m cool with it ; )

The Nightmare that is Mealtime



When I was pregnant with Maximara my husband and I read all of the books on French parenting and were like determined to raise our kid to be the best eater of all time. We started her on solids early, 4 months, and made sure to always give her a bite of what we were eating after we were sure there were no food allergies. All was going well, really well. Maxi was eating a lot (I mean have you seen her belly?!) and a variety of foods. This kid would request kimchi – KIMCHI! – for breakfast. I felt like I was really winning at this parenting thing…….and then toddler life begun. She wanted to use her words and tell us what she wanted but she couldn’t yet so I decided to let her “show me” in the fridge. This is amazing, I thought to myself. She can pick out her own food meaning she will eat it, too! This fun game lasted for a few weeks. And then the nightmare of mealtime began. Maximara decided it was a really fun game to say “show me” all throughout the day. I’d lift her up to show her the fridge and she would point at every single thing and when I would ask her if she wanted it she would say yes. And of course, I’d give it to her, and then she wouldn’t want it anymore. I am slowly trying to undue the monster I created by sticking to a strict eating schedule. And when I put a plate full of delicious homemade food in front of her and she says “show me” and screams we spend some time in timeout until she is ready to eat. Today is day 5 and things are getting better, slowly. Part of me knows it is my fault for opening pandora’s box but I also know this is typical of a toddler. They are very opinionated and most time for no good reason other than to be an asshole ; ) We haven’t gotten to requests for certain color cups yet but I know it is coming soon.

Learning to Say No


I have started and stopped this post more times than I care to share due to a toddler pulling at me, work calling my name or a hungry husband patiently waiting for dinner. Life…this is life as a ‘working’ mother, right? Sigh.

As a parent for a mere 19 months I have just learned how to say no. Like ‘just’ as in two weeks ago. And shit do I wish I learned this earlier. A little back story. I started a creative company, CRE8, that combined all of my previous work experience in to one role. It was a genius idea, so I thought, that would allow me to work while Maximara was in school 2 days a week. I wanted the time I had with her  (MWF) to focus on her and to truly soak in those precious moments that you can never get back: the funny faces, the messes she creates, the artwork she throws together. I wanted to see and feel all of it. But then while she was away at school (TR) I also wanted something that I could focus on that wasn’t just about being a mom. I wanted to keep a part of me alive and I wanted a place to execute my creativity. So CRE8 was born and within a week of launching the jobs started coming in left and right.  Holy shit, I thought. This is amazing! I could not say no to any of the jobs. That’s just who I am. I hustle and I thrive at juggling as many balls in the air as possible (or so I thought). Turns out there is such a thing as taking on way too much at once. Who knew?! By taking on too much and not saying no I ended up giving up more of myself than I was gaining by saying yes. Even while my daughter was screaming for attention (literally and figuratively) I would never turn down an opportunity to help a friend if they needed it or take time out of my day (for free) to give advice to other women entrepreneurs (I like to try and pay-it-forward as much as I can). I literally couldn’t utter the word no to anything or anyone. While in an effort to do what I thought was best for me (more jobs = more money, helping friends and fellow entrepreneurs, etc.) I turned in to a person I didn’t want to be and it actually made life as a parent that much harder. After a 4 day wedding event I planned via CRE8 it became crystal clear what is most important to me. It isn’t the money, it isn’t being the top dog in the creative field, it isn’t being known as the girl that is known for always hustling. It is about being a good mother, friend and wife. It is about enjoying the present moments and just living my best life. So from here on out I will be saying no……..and saying it a lot ; )



Fever Phobia


Let me first just get this out there, I am NOT a doctor. If you are concerned about your child’s fever and/or symptoms call your doctor immediately.

OK, phew. Glad we got that out of the way.

My daugher, Maximara, had her first sick visit (at 18 months, go us!)  with our doctor on Tuesday. I got a phone call from school around 3:45pm that Max had a temperature of 104 in both armpits – 104. 104? I thought to myself. Holy shit that’s like brain damaging. So in a mad rush and mild state of panic I ran out of the house to pick her up, didn’t even look back to see if I left the stove on or candle burning. Oops. On my 3 minute walk, maybe run,  to pick her up I came back to reality (slightly) about her temperature. I thought to myself I won’t panic about the number let’s just see how she is acting and take it from there. As soon as I walked through those doors I knew something was wrong. She was acting like a girl who drank too much tequilla on her 21st birthday – head bobbing trying to stay up so she doesn’t miss a beat but her body really wants to shut down. I don’t even think I got a smirk when she saw me. And the teachers had her wrapped in a blanket because she was shivering, which is what any normal person would do when someone is shivering. <More on this later> As I carried her home in my arms and pushed the stroller with one hand I called the doctor to ask if this warrants an ER visit, doctor visit – what does a worried mom do? Tell me! The nurse on the phone said….first stay calm. OK, I dig it. I’m the first person to tell you that your children sense your fear and then they, too, will also become scared (or more even more scared). So I took a deep breath. She said listen, we don’t really worry about the temperature until it hits 106, 107. So I thought to myself ok, we’re good there. At least for now. Another deep breath. And then she said if she isn’t acting like herself or is unresponsive you may want to bring her in just to get checked out. So checked out we did.
We got to the doctor’s office about 30 minute before close and saw a doctor we had never seen before. He was probably the oldest doctor in the practice (dinosaurs is what they call them, right?) – I immediately felt safe, like I was with one of my super experienced parents who knew everything. As soon as we sat down he basically gave us fevers 101 and it was amazing. A few takeaways I thought were valuable? He informed us you always treat the symptoms, not the number on the thermometer. A temperature of 101 or 102 and your child is acting fine, let their body do it’s job and fight off the nasties on its own. That’s what a fever is, your body fighting. Shivering? That is actually your body working to get your body temperature up to fight even harder. It does not symbolize being cold. (This was definitely an ‘aha’ moment for us). A temperature of 106/107 is when it gets dangerous so don’t freak out when you see a 102. And, if needed, you can always piggyback Tylenol and Motrin to fight a high-grade fever.

So here we are day 3, she is still sleeping so I don’t know where fever stands, but I’m hoping there was some progress over night. I will continue to learn as a mother as Maximara and I continue on this journey called life. But this first ‘sickness’ definitely taught me a few things. Never panic, it doesn’t do anyone good. Fevers. Everyone is fearful of them. 101 – where’s the Tylenol? 102 – call the ER! But it turns out it’s better to look for the symptoms than the number. Our bodies are strong little suckers, let me do their jobs. And when those symptoms start to get weird, call your doctor and break out the drug reserves. That’s what they are there for.

Registry Must Have: Buttermilk Babies



One of these days I’ll put together my complete registry must-haves list so someone else can benefit from my OCD behavior of researching and planning but in the mean time I’m going to share a few of my favorite items Maximara couldn’t live without.

Truth be told I read all of these books before Maximara was born that talked in depth about the “4th trimester” and how at some point we went from carrying the baby for a year to 9 months. Knowing this information, and that Maxi was a couple weeks early, I tried to make her early days as “womb-like” as possible. I mean we are talking I googled can swaddling stunt your baby’s growth, womb-like. I had that baby swaddled up like a little nugget legit 23 hours a day, at least for the first couple weeks up until her due date. Then I began to worry her legs wouldn’t grow so I slowly transitioned from obsessively swaddling to only at night time, which she loved. Fast forward to present day, Maxi is just about 18 months and her swaddles have become her blankies. They go every where with her. Whether its wrapped around her like a cape, draped over her head like a ghost or she is laying down on the street to take a quick break, she literally lives for her blankies.

We were introduced to the brand Buttermilk Babies and haven’t turned back since. They are the perfect size for newborn swaddling (great for tucking in those ends) and are ridiculously soft. Ridiculously. If you are anything like me I only wanted to wrap my babe in something smooth to the touch so she would be extra comfortable. They can’t, after all, tell us if the blanket is irritating them. Whether you are in the market for newborn swaddles or blankets for your toddler, do yourself a favor and check out this brand. I seriously love them so much.


Open For Debate


While I feel like everything I write on here causes some sort of controversy (so many opinions/ right and wrongs in parenting) I am actually writing today, ok tonight, to purposefully start a discussion.

I read an article about Blake Lively this week that discussed how she doesn’t quite understand the “humble brag” or showcasing with obvious excitement your a-week-after-birth hot bod. Like showing all of social media you popped out a baby and have a six pack the next day kind of humble brag. While I didn’t quite have a six pack (still don’t, sadly) I absolutely posted pictures of my post baby bod. I was fucking proud of the work I put in while I was pregnant. It was like a part-time job nourishing my body with only the best foods and getting my fitness on on the regular. There was a period of time I was doing 300 squats a day – I wanted to keep my ass tight and right but I also did it to get that baby out faster during labor (side note, it WORKS!). While I was posting those post-baby bod images my intentions were never (still aren’t) to make others feel bad about themselves if they didn’t bounce back as quickly. I was posting  to 1) remind myself what I had been through and how I came out of it and 2) provide inspiration to others. I think for people that enjoy fitness would appreciate that. I know I  personally like seeing super fit betches on Instagram. It always pushes me to work harder at the gym the next day.

On a somewhat related note I saw a feed on facebook this week about breastfeeding. One mom posted in a facebook mama group that she didn’t appreciate other moms bragging about how long they had breastfed for (like go me! I breastfed 13 months) because it made her feel bad about herself for only breastfeeding a few months – not by choice, her milk dried up.

So are we now living in a society that we can’t post our accomplishments for fear of upsetting someone for not achieving the same accomplishment? Has this always been an issue but now that social media is so popular it has made it harder for individuals? I don’t really know what the right answer is here but I thought it was interesting it came up twice in a fairly short amount of time – both times related to motherhood. What are your thoughts?



Don’t Beat Yourself Up


As of late I go on FB for 1 of two things, to look at what is going on in my moms group OR check on what my business group is doing. Ok, maybe three things. Every once in awhile I post something inspiring, what I find to be funny or a link to something I think is really worth sharing. Other than that I try and stay off of it. Facebook can be a really great tool, it can also be a really shitty one. Every so often I find myself comparing myself to others or my daughter’s milestones to other kids and then I talk some sense in to myself and kick the madness in the ass. I find that with social media and parenting in general these days there is a lot of comparing going on, a lot of keeping up with the Jones’s and a lot of ‘humble’ bragging. The combination of these three is pretty deadly. It’s like poison, for real.

I recently read a post on FB by a sweet mother asking about anxiety and a kid’s birthday party. She felt frazzled and not overly confident in her parenting abilities when attending birthday parties. She asked if others felt this way or if she was the only one. I wanted to pick up the phone and call this sweet mother and let her know she isn’t alone in this, she never is. But even more I wanted to tell her to not beat herself up over anything when attending a birthday party or even just being a mom. No one cares if your child arrives in two different shoes, messy hair, food on their face. No one cares if you are a few minutes late or if your child is being a little wild. We are all just trying to survive as parents. We all know that kids can be assholes sometimes. That getting kids, especially if you have multiples, to a birthday party on time can be a challenge in itself. It’s about survival guys. It’s about keeping your sanity. Don’t over think anything. Be confident in yourself, in your abilities as a parent. Don’t worry about what those other parents think. If something is working for you keep doing it and never stop. While there are days that can be overly challenging, and for you it may be attending a birthday party, you have to remember to also have some fun with it. Make those moments, even if you are stressed, count. If your child is dressed, fed and arrives relatively on time for a birthday party that is all that matters. And if there are moms there giving you the side eye for whatever reason, kill them with kindness. That gets them every. single. time. Remember to never compare yourself to others, try and stay away from that poisonous combination I was talking about earlier. We all know, or should know, that what we see on social media isn’t real life. It’s a highlight reel of what is really going on. It’s all puppies and rainbows, and guys, that shit is not real life.


especially with popusocial media because we all know it’s just a highlight reel of what’s really going on.

Must Know: Class Crasher


As you know by my previous post timing lately for me is everything. Anything and everything I can do to save time, make my daily routine easier and more efficient I am all over. Whether you work or are a SAHM I feel like we are always trying to find a way to save time, am I right or am I right?! When I was recently introduced to Class Crasher there was so much YES! going on I can’t even describe. For all of my Chicago mamas, this is a website you must know about. Class Crasher is like Open Table but for children’s classes, drop-ins and camps. It’s everything you want to enroll your child in in one central location. Like I said, so much YES! They have 100s of different classes with 1000s of available spots. There are no membership fees and their prices will always be the same as list price or better for every class on their site! It is truly the best. If you are in Chicago you gotta check it out. That’s all. For now : )

There Is No Time Like The Present



If you have followed my journey via this blog or social media in the past year or so you know that I recently shut down my apparel company to focus more of my time on my growing toddler, Maximara Monroe. The goal was to close up shop so I could spend quality time raising our daughter as a SAHM before she went off to school, at what, 3 years old.





My SAHM plan lasted all of 2 weeks, if that. It turns out I need to be juggling several projects at one time to be my best self. It is clear now that I don’t know how to just sit still. I’m always the first to say life is too short for ________ (fill in the blank). I try and live my life with very little regrets. So when a girlfriend came to me and asked if I wanted to start a creative company with her, I thought to myself, F it, life is too short to not take chances. Life is too short to think of the what-ifs. Life is too short to not put yourself out there. Would this new endeavor possibly take away time from my daughter? Sure. But it would also be the perfect outlet for me to do things that I love – event planning, interior styling, content creation, photography and so much more. And by doing the things I love it keeps me happy so my family is happy. So in a matter of a couple months our creative company, CRE8, is now live. With this new role I can have several projects going at once. Let’s talk about present day for a minute – I am planning a wedding, designing a website, styling a client’s home, in planning stages of 2 photo shoots and just wrapped an event install this past weekend. Oh, and I just hired a company to create a prototype of a product I’ve been dreaming of inventing that helps moms be better moms while on the go (stay tuned for more details!). Time management is crucial in my life right now. I mean crucial. On top of whatever projects I have going on I still take great pride in my home and the meals I serve. Keeping track of the time and staying on schedule during the day is a make it or break it for me. Wearing a watch, something I never used to do, has become a must have for me. I have a few I rotate through but right now my favorite is my JORD wrist watch. I came across this line of watches and it spoke to me.

“The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.” 

I went from being a 2 week SAHM to someone who wanted to do the most with my time as insanely possible. Not only does this watch keep me on track in life, but it reminds me to not take time for granted. To live life to the fullest. To make the time I have, the time my daughter and I have together during the day, truly count. I look at time a little differently these days and I am so thankful to JORD for assisting me on this journey. I asked JORD to do something special for our readers and they obliged! (see below for deets)


EVERYONE who enters at ——>  gets $20 off the watch of their choice. ONE winner will be chosen at random will win a $75 e-voucher. The winning e-voucher will be expire after 1 month after the ending date. The ending date for this giveaway is 8/14


Now excuse me while I go sip some champagne and pat myself on the back for making it through the weekend with a clean house, happy clients and well fed baby.




Wood Wrist Watch