The Nightmare that is Mealtime



When I was pregnant with Maximara my husband and I read all of the books on French parenting and were like determined to raise our kid to be the best eater of all time. We started her on solids early, 4 months, and made sure to always give her a bite of what we were eating after we were sure there were no food allergies. All was going well, really well. Maxi was eating a lot (I mean have you seen her belly?!) and a variety of foods. This kid would request kimchi – KIMCHI! – for breakfast. I felt like I was really winning at this parenting thing…….and then toddler life begun. She wanted to use her words and tell us what she wanted but she couldn’t yet so I decided to let her “show me” in the fridge. This is amazing, I thought to myself. She can pick out her own food meaning she will eat it, too! This fun game lasted for a few weeks. And then the nightmare of mealtime began. Maximara decided it was a really fun game to say “show me” all throughout the day. I’d lift her up to show her the fridge and she would point at every single thing and when I would ask her if she wanted it she would say yes. And of course, I’d give it to her, and then she wouldn’t want it anymore. I am slowly trying to undue the monster I created by sticking to a strict eating schedule. And when I put a plate full of delicious homemade food in front of her and she says “show me” and screams we spend some time in timeout until she is ready to eat. Today is day 5 and things are getting better, slowly. Part of me knows it is my fault for opening pandora’s box but I also know this is typical of a toddler. They are very opinionated and most time for no good reason other than to be an asshole ; ) We haven’t gotten to requests for certain color cups yet but I know it is coming soon.

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