Bad Moms

  1. This movie. I read a lot of bad reviews on it but I thought it was fucking hysterical. Like laugh out loud funny – am I the only one?!
  2. In the moments when I wasn’t laughing my ass off at the movie it had me thinking….I feel like we all have a little ‘bad mom’ in us. Regardless of what Facebook and Instagram is showing you there is no way in hell someone out there has it all together. It’s. Not. Possible. I recently posted a picture of Maximara’s closet (now complete with a pink kitchen set inside, die!) and I was talking about how I still, almost 2 years in, hide all of her toys so when she goes down for bed there isn’t a toy in sight. Someone could come over here at night and they would have no idea we have a kid. I’m sure there was some major eye roll going on from fellow moms but the truth is this doesn’t make me a better mom than anyone else it just shows where my priorities are. My house is and always has been super put together, almost OCD-like. But because my house is spotless 95% of the time doesn’t mean i’m some superhero kind of mom, I just like my shit in order. And in exchange for a house being in order I’m giving up something else and I’m totally cool with it. I think I have talked about this before, parenting is all about survival. We do what works for us to survive this journey. Some of us may prepare Instagram-worthy meals every day while others are popping food in the microwave and that’s ok. I think we should all focus less on being a perfect mom and focus more on being a happy mom. For me being a happy mom means letting go of what society tells me I should be doing and focusing more on what really works for us like skipping baths everyday and having the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner….this also kind of makes me a bad mom and I’m cool with it ; )

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