Getting Them Greens In


I recently wrote a post on what a struggle meal time is with my daughter, Maximara. What’s funny is she will eat while we are out, pretty much anything we give her. But when we are home she knows she has the pantry and refrigerator to raid and pretty much refuses to eat anything I want to give her, you know the nutritional stuff. We have been on a diet of cheese, bananas, homemade muffins (I’ll take!) and pouches as of late. This week I told myself I’m going to do better to try and get her to actually eat meals and not have it be an all day snack-a-thon. I put together a list of “meals” I’d prepare:

  • Pizza – her favorite! I hid green veggies in the homemade pizza sauce and used small(er) whole wheat pitas as the crust.
  • Butternut Squash Mac + Cheese with black bean noodles – have you guys seen these noodles? They are amazing. Literally the only ingredient listed is adzuki beans and they taste like NOODLES!
  • Homemade GF vegan muffins with carrots, apples and spinach.
  • GF vegan Blueberry Lemon protein pancakes with hemp seeds.

Day one I made the pancakes for breakfast and they were a hit. This was absolutely no surprise though. This girl is going to turn in to a pancake she eats so many of them. For dinner I whipped up the butternut squash mac + cheese and she ate two noodles -TWO! I was thrilled. Seriously. LOL. And then she told me she was “all done.” Today she ate only the bottoms of the muffins – aren’t the tops usually where it’s at? Regardless at least she ate some. And then wouldn’t come close to the pizza. My husband will be excited about this though, leftovers.

We were doing the obvious, smoothies, to get those greens in for awhile but lately she tells me they are all gross, haha! Girl’s got an opinion that’s for f’n sure.

Just like all things with babies/toddlers I know this too will pass and it is just a phase so I take it a day at a time and don’t get overly worked up about it. *Side note* I was talking to a GF yesterday who literally just found out she was preggo like that AM. As we were talking Maximara was whining to get in the fridge so I lifted her up and let her pick out whatever she wanted – the $8 thing of organic cultured cottage cheese is what she wanted, of course. I sit her down at the counter with a spoon and the container and keep chatting with my GF. I turn around a couple minutes later and she has decided cottage cheese is not a spoon food, it’s a hand food. Of the entire container I think 3 crumbles actually made it in to her mouth. The rest…on her and the floor. All I could do was laugh. Sure I had a ridiculous mess I needed to clean up ahead of me but having a sense of humor is what keeps us moms sane. And I took the mess as a teaching moment for my newly preggo friend. Instead of scaring her with a “just wait” which so many moms do, I told her to always laugh. Laugh when the spill, laugh when they write on the couch, laugh when you wake up to a crib full of literal shit.

Ok, back on track! What do you mamas do to get your kids to get in them greens? Do you struggle with meal times or did I just make a monster out of my toddler. <—- This, I know I did. LOL. You don’t need to tell me. Girl loves the fridge, so so so much. I hope her future husband looks at her the way she looks at an open fridge. I don’t lie.

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